Care of Myrtlewood

Do not let food stand in articles and do not let the pieces soak in water. Just wash in warm, soapy water, dry promptly and enjoy your beautiful myrtlewood. Please do not wash these fine pieces in the dishwasher. For the oiled or satin finish, a little mineral oil (found in any drug store) rubbed into the article will keep it looking as new. Do Not Use Salad / Cooking Oil as it can turn rancid while mineral oil will not. Oil finished dishes may be used for either hot or cold food. Gloss food dishes should only be used for cold foods. Setting your myrtlewood in direct sunlight will darken the items and in the case of wood burned items/ could result in the loss of contrast. 

We are happy to be able to bring the work of many skilled craftsmen, true artists in their fields of creativity, into our shop so you may enjoy the beauty of their endeavors. We in Oregon are especially proud of our myrtlewood industry and all who participate in this labor of joy and pride in workmanship. Myrtlewood truly is nature’s gift to Oregon and Oregon’s gift to you.